Standard Gobo Size

One of the most common questions we receive on a weekly basis: Is there a standard gobo size? The short answer: No. Every week we get new customers who are looking to get custom gobos to decorate their events, most people who have never worked with lighting before, believe they can just get a “standard gobo size” and then worry about the projector, when actually it’s the other way around.

With hundreds of lighting systems that can project gobos, we would think the industry had come to a standard, but this never happened. Popular brands like Martin, American DJ and Chauvet have more than 10 different size options each for all their different products.

So why do we only show a few options in our website? Typically the conventional sizes going by letters (A, B, D, E, M, etc) were the most used for ellipsoidals, but these days they might not be the most used (that’s why we have the option “other”).

With the inclusion of small LED gobo projectors, smaller sizes have become more popular. Sizes like 24mm gobo size with 20mm image size are ordered on a daily basis. People think bigger is better, but it’s not always the case. With our latest fiber laser technology we can make incredible small apertures with great precision and pull very intricate designs as small as a penny. So now many DJs can offer wedding gobos and use a low cost projector that will do the job just fine.

So if you are trying to find out the “standard gobo size”, now you know there’s no such thing. And even conventional sizes can fall behind in popularity as new projectors get in the market and laser cutting techniques deliver great results.

If you have any questions about your design and how small or big we can go feel free to send us an email at

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    1. Hi Jim, yes. Just select “Other” in the size options and enter either the projector model or the exact size: 25.8mm/18.6mm

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