Planning your wedding during COVID–19 Pandemic

This year has certainly not been easy for any of us, and it no longer seems like getting “back to normal” is happening anytime soon, if ever. The pandemic has affected just about every area of our lives, especially large events. Whether you’ve already been affected and had to reschedule your wedding, or you are not sure if you should go through with it, here are some facts we believe you should check and be aware of:

1. Make sure all your guests are still willing to attend. Since there is a lot of information around some of your guests might not be willing to travel, so you can expect a smaller guest count.

2. Take the necessary measures and make sure the venue is following the CDC guidelines, that way your guests will feel comfortable attending. This may include providing face masks for your guests if the venue requires it. Always keep your guests informed.

3. Practice extra Hygiene. For example, create a sanitizing station, in a way that looks fun and cute for your guests but also a way to promote extra hygiene during the event.

4. If it’s still an option, go for outdoors. If the wedding is happening indoors, try to have as many outdoor areas as possible.

5. Try to Source Local Goods. When sourcing favors and items for welcome bags, consider working with what’s available to you—and supporting small businesses. This is a tough time for all of us.

Finally, if you end up having to change the date make sure to review all contracts (venues, entertainment, catering, etc). It will be easier for vendors to help with a postponement than a cancelation.

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