PCB Coaster Octopus & Crab

Octopuses are marine animals that are part of mollusk family, they have a bulbous head and eight arms equipped with tentacles. In the art, the designer uses a large IC to represent the brain of the octopus. Crabs are crustaceans characterized by having 2 large and powerful claws that they use to pierce and eat. In the art, the body of the crab has a large IC and many connecting traces.

This PCB coaster featured an octopus on one side and a crab on the other side. The designer combines the materials used to fabricate printed circuit boards (PCB) such as copper, immersion gold, soldermask and silkscreen to create art. The splendid octopus and the beach crab are drawn using white silkscreen traces with details on immersion gold to contrast with the ocean made with glossy blue soldermask.

Size: 4x4 inches
Thickness: 0.125 inches
Material: FR4
Finish: Immersion Gold
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PCB Coaster Octopus & Crab

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